As requested I’ve Found a New Baby arranged for the windband in the style of the razzmatazz of the 1920s. I set about arranging this piece with fun and showmanship very much in mind. I’ve Found A New Baby features mainly the Tuba others are also featured as you can see from the score. I have marked the Score and parts where to stand and sit, but this if course is at the discretion of the MD. I hope you have as much fun playing it as I had arranging it. I have included parts for Treble and Bass Clef Bb Euphonium, Bb Bass Treble and Bass clef , Eb Bass Treble and Bass clefs Tuba in concert pitch bass clef. Trombones in Bb Bass and Treble

clefs also in C bass clef ( not bass Trom).

I've Found A New Baby Brass Band